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Ben Isaac is creating 5eFP, a self-reflective and open-spource tabletop roleplaying game.

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5eFP is an open-source project uniting immersive, interactive tabletop roleplaying (TRPG) gameplay with self-reflection using the popular d20 fifth edition rules. Discover a new way to play TRPGs featuring easier, more intuitive rules, shorter game sessions, no GM preparation required, and larger capacities—allowing 8 to 50+ players.

Join the 5eFP project and contribute at https://github.com/bhisaac/5eFP.

About Me

Life as I knew it ended a few years after I turned 21 in 2000. At the time, I was studying software engineering and mathematics in college. At the beginning of my junior year, a sudden shift in consciousness severely impaired my concentration, bringing my academic career to an abrupt end. Crippling adversity and chronic depression followed.

In my mental health fallout, I struggled with paranoid delusions. I believed I was a fictional character trapped inside a novel narrated by a cruel and sadistic author. I lost myself along the way. Finally, I gave up on life, turning to stories, tabletop roleplaying games, and video games as an escape for the next twenty years. It "worked" for a while.

Within my deepest escape, I found myself again!

In the games I played, I created inspired heroes with burgeoning strength and vitality, ready to meet any challenge. They represented who I wished I could be. These characters were powerful and heroic champions who were also obscured by the same shadow that engulfed my life. In time I realized they were versions of myself who had gotten lost in the fog of self-doubt and self-fear. We found each other on our adventures and have been growing together ever since.

If we can imagine a version of ourselves with the quality we desire, we can grow into that quality. Even if we have no prior experience, we begin with zero experience and level up by going on adventures and quests.

The true message of my vision is revealed ...

It can seem like we are trapped in a story beyond our control. We all begin our lives as cleverly fabricated characters traveling along our life course on autopilot, similar to the purportedly unsinkable Titanic until our hubris causes us to collide with the iceberg of who we are. And, of course, the Titanic turns out to be sinkable after all.

Life's bumps and turns can be disruptive and take us by surprise, but they don't have to destroy us. We can evolve and grow with changing circumstances through practicing focus and concentration.

Cultivating awareness of our inner life (where our player-characters call home) aids us on our journey. I wonder how things would have been different if I had known that during my collapse in college.

Whether you are already a personal transformation wizard or just beginning your journey, welcome aboard the ship of the imagination. We are a community of seekers mining tabletop roleplaying games for real-life rewards and benefits.

Fifth edition focus practice (5eFP) tabletop roleplaying games use the popular and widely distributed d20 fifth edition system to unite fun with self-exploration, transforming game symbols and structures into powerful tools for deepening our self-awareness and encouraging positive self-growth.

What we think about comes about.

When we play strong characters, we spend our time and attention on our strengths. We learn what strength means to us. Our character's strength is ours as well. As our strong character levels, we correspondingly vote to increase our real-life strength. Voting in this way rarely produces measurable results all on its own. Only when we take appropriate action with our newfound self-awareness do gains and results appear. I have often been surprised to witness how eager my body is to develop increased strength through this kind of collaboration with myself. It is as if we speak directly to our DNA as beloved friends and traveling companions. Qualities can be mined similarly through our character's Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom. And it doesn't stop there. Backgrounds, heritage or lineage, and classes all bring their unique offerings as well.

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