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Welcome to my life!

I'm an audio engineer, music business person, community member, and artist living in the city of Chicago

I'm asking for donations to me to be able to work for my community without attachment to commercial interests, to maximize the work I can do during my life for people, and for myself

A few open projects I'm working towards include and aren't limited to:

A venue that also doubles as a community space, promoting healthy cultural practices and hosting events, while maintaining a healthy environment for youth, adults and elders alike to celebrate their culture

A free open source software audio recording studio with the tools for audio engineers and producers to complete their work without having to buy anything, after an instructional course on taking care of the space and being signed up for it

A technical and creative arts library with instruments and practice rooms, books on physics, biology, chemistry, free open source software, health and self care, with a reading area

The purpose of the space would be to allow people to have the tools, equipment, and accumulated knowledge to be able to fulfill their artistic visions in a communal way, promoting a people focused free open source software culture with the option of having guidance towards their visions

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