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pasvulkan 175 Updated this week

Vulkan header generator, OOP-style API wrapper, framework and prospective Vulkan-based game engine for Object Pascal

pasgltf 31 Updated 1 month ago

An Object-Pascal-native GLTF 2.0 low-level-data loader and writer for GLTF and GLB files

pasjson 30 Updated 1 month ago

A unified JSON library for both Object-Pascal ecosystems (Delphi and FreePascal)

kraft 97 Updated 2 months ago

Kraft Physics Engine is an open source Object Pascal physics engine library that can be used in 3D games.

rnl 80 Updated 3 months ago

RNL - Realtime Network Library - The opensource reliable UDP network library

poca 16 Updated 4 months ago

Yet another scripting language

pucu 17 Updated 5 months ago

PUCU Pascal UniCode Utils Libary

pasmp 107 Updated 8 months ago

PasMP - a parallel-processing/multi-processing library for Object Pascal

flre 88 Updated 10 months ago

FLRE - Fast Light Regular Expressions - A fast light regular expression library

berotinypascal 53 Updated 1 year ago

A self-hosting capable tiny pascal compiler for the Win32 x86 platform

pasdblstrutils 11 Updated 2 years ago

Pascal library for cross-compiler consistent and exact conversion between double-precision floating point number values and strings

pashtmldown 24 Updated 3 years ago

PasHTMLDown MarkDown Libary

besen 205 Updated 3 years ago

Complete ECMAScript Fifth Edition Implemention in Object Pascal

br808 18 Updated 3 years ago

BR808 is a originally demoscene-originated software synthesizer, which became a bit too big for 64k intros.

sasm 27 Updated 6 years ago

SASM - Scriptable ASseMbler - A x86 assembler with ECMAScript as (additional) macro language as an optional compile-in-option

pacc 60 Updated 6 years ago

PACC (PAscal C Compiler) is an C compiler, which is implemented in Delphi-7-compatible Object Pascal

pasenet 16 Updated 6 years ago

Pascal port of ENet with IPv6 support

tine 5 Updated 8 years ago

TINE (This is not EFI) - A fake-(U)EFI boot loader for pure BIOS environments

brre 15 Updated 8 years ago

yet another efficient, principled regular expression library

crosspascal 42 Updated 9 years ago

CrossPascal aims to be a Delphi 7 compatible cross-platform source-to-source compiler which generates intermediate C code.


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