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I'm making federated services for folklore fans

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I'm a technology enthusiast, folklorist, and musician who is passionate about introducing people to free and open alternatives to their current social and software solutions. I currently host a federated Funkwhale server and a Mastodon instance to provide a free and federated alternative to Soundcloud/Spotify and Twitter respectively. I also plan to start a Matrix server to offer an alternative to Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp. Watch this space!

This Liberapay is intended to help pay for hosting costs at Digital Ocean, mailing costs at Mailgun, storage costs at AWS, and for any monitoring/backups/load balancing tools I may need to introduce in future. Currently I can pay all of this myself, but it could quickly become too expensive if the services grow. I'd like to keep the community alive, but I will need help.

While I work professionally in the technology sector, my true passion is Japanese mythology - a subject I earned a postgraduate degree in before going into DevOps. All of my projects tend to revolve around Japanese mythology in some way, and I like to support artists who share this interest.

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