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Dialectical Materialism Study Group (DMSG.) is a tax-exempt, non-profit religious organization that publishes material on dialectical materialism, science, socialism, and everything else within the space-time continuum. Due to our organizational status in the eyes of the IRS, we cannot pay our members at all for the work they do, so every cent you donate to DMSG will legally go towards our projects. All the money donated to us through here will be primarily invested in the creation of agitprop, second-worldism efforts, and so on. Should you have any concerns about where the funds are going or any requests about where you wish for your funds to go, feel free to reach out. We promise to be completely transparent in this matter and as a bonus, given DMSG's status as a religious organization, you can write off a good chunk (~50%) of your taxable income in donations to us. We'd be happy with anything we can get, and we'd be happy to set you up with an accountant that can help you in writing off taxes by donating to us.

As the founder of DMSG, I'm setting this up primarily because I'm taking a very large pay cut (85%) as of 9/19/22 and can no longer afford to support the organization's operations on my own to the extent that I'd like to. I've gone tax-exempt before, donating what I can to DMSG, but I'm afraid that given the expense of the location I'll be living in, combined with the low pay, I won't be able to continue to give as I have in the past. While the politically incorrect website and the grammatically incorrect ramblings will continue - without my involvement, of course ;) -, it'll be hard for us to continue to fund our agitprop and so on without new donors. Frankly, I wish it didn't come to this, as I think this "asking for donations" stuff in general is always a bit gimmicky but hey, it'd be greatly appreciated. If you're still on the fence, consider again for a moment that if you donate to us, you can write it off on your taxes, which means that you won't be giving as much of your money to greedy boomers, greedier military contractors, etc.


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