Writing tutorials and documentation to get more people involved with Linux development.

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Dash-Texture-Viewer 3 Updated 1 year ago

A TIM texture viewer with support for pallets written in GTK with C (for Linux)

DashGL-GTK-Astroids-Tutorial 0 Updated 1 year ago

Astroids Tutorial written in C using GTK with OpenGL and DashGL for matrix manipulation

DashGL-GTK-Invaders-Tutorial 2 Updated 1 year ago

A tutorials for a basic Invaders game made in C with GTK: and OpenGL

DashGL-GTK-Brickout-Tutorial 5 Updated 1 year ago

Tutorial For a Brickout Clone Written in OpenGL using GTK Library and GTKGLArea Widget

DashGL-Library 10 Updated 1 year ago

Basic Matrix Manipulation Library For OpenGL Written in C


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