Recreate Diablo Saga with FlareRPG Engine

DiabloSaga's goal is to receive €50.00 per week.


goals list: (to be defined)

To Do list:

  • Create Tristram (expanded version) map - Done
  • Add all npc in the map - Done
  • Set all npc correctly - In Progress
  • Add all enemies in the map - In Progress
  • Create all the skills for one character - In Progress
  • Completely rearrange the UI - In Progress

the purpose of this team is to recreate the saga of diablo (created by blizzard entertainment) with the FlareRPG engine, focusing mainly in the first and second episode ... (we will add, maybe even the third, but it is not in our current priorities)

diablo was a great saga (we are talking about the years 1996/2000) and still today groups of modder work to refresh / renew diablo II (after more than 17 years since its release) ... search "median XL" to know more

the question we asked ourselves is:

why renew a product that made history, when it can be recreated, with new (and maybe better) free music, sound, font, graphics and animations?

we want to try, seriously and concretely, but we need help, both for the creation of the team, both economically (unfortunately lol)

  • the first step will be to completely recreate the setting of Diablo I and make the game playable (I thought of a levelcap of 50 for this first part).
  • the second step will be to recreate and add the whole diablo II setting, and to make it as consistent as possible with that of Diablo I (and to increase the levelcap to 100, playable only after completing the first step and reaching the level 50)
  • the third and last step (optional) will be to recreate and add the entire setting of Diablo III and make it as consistent as possible to previous chapters (and to increase the levelcap to 150, playable only after completing the second step and having reached level 100)

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