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I'm a 34 unemployed queer with Multiple Sclerosis & I need your help to pay for food + health bills.

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I'm a 34 unemployed queer with Multiple Sclerosis and mobility issues, and I need your help to pay for food and several health-related bills.

Donations, one-time or not; gifts and presents are always welcome! 💖

They help me survive (mostly for physiotherapy, medication, food and transportation to and from Hospital).

About me:

  • I also write for The Void and am working on a Podcast that is soon™️ becoming an Audio-drama.

  • I talk about Mental Health, Multiple Sclerosis, Patient Care & Disability, but mostly I can be found Moderating Masto.pt and administrating the #Trunk project on the Fediverse.


  • The goal I've put up is the minimum required so that I can keep surviving and managing my chronic diseases, (Multiple Sclerosis, mobility issues, GAD, Depression, Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue, among others).
  • I know I set a goal that is a bit high compared to most people's and I even considered not putting up any, but please don't think that you can't help with what you can spare.

  • If you do want and can help, please do it - EVERY cent helps. Really! And I'm grateful for it!

Thank you! <3

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