A LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop

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GNOME LaTeX is a LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop, previously named LaTeXila.

GNOME LaTeX is a Free/Libre application and comes free of charge. But it does not materialize out of empty space; it takes time to develop and maintain. By donating, you demonstrate your appreciation of this software and help its future development.

There are many possible things to do in GNOME LaTeX:

  • Improve the auto-completion, for example the labels in \ref and \pageref commands;
  • Add a LaTeX log viewer (more details);
  • Automatically updating the document structure in the side panel when the document is modified;
  • Add a full screen mode;
  • Implement code folding;
  • Etc.

Additionally, GNOME LaTeX needs ongoing maintenance:

  • Fixing the occasional bug;
  • Adapt the code to the new versions of underlying libraries (e.g. GTK+);
  • Writing more unit tests;
  • Updating the build system;
  • Etc.

Your donations permit to continue to take care of GNOME LaTeX, to make it a rock-solid LaTeX editor and well-maintained in the long term.



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