Painting Master Works Designed to Explore Your Mind~

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Hi, I'm Kate the Artist and I paint Master Works designed to Explore Your Mind! Through the process of painting the Series I’ve learned that the subconscious speaks an exotic language, one that often uses metaphors with symbols and color to communicate. It’s tailored to our individual experience but also provides a connection to the collective. 

The Series is functional art that, like puzzle pieces, connect and serve a united purpose. Complimented by quotes from great philosophers and more, the Series shares thought provoking concepts with the use of archetypes that can help unblock subconscious strains for those open to it. By reviving the mind and utilizing it as the incredible tool it's intended to be, you can see that in the darkness there is more there than things we don’t want to face. Life changing things. You will be surprised how Strong You Really Are! ~ Kate the Artist ~ Visit katetheartist11.com


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