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I want to dedicate my time to things that benefit many and that I am good at – but for which I do not get paid (both because that kind of work is unpaid and priceless): emotional support and political educational work. Further I‘d like to take time for a project I‘ve been waiting to work on for a while now: writing feminist stories.


Everything is decentralized in the 21st century. In my 21st century at least; because even our realities are no longer centralized. I want to connect, be a force of connection. I want to build connections between everything touching my life.

Decentralized are my relationships, my feeling of home, the places I take effect in society and: the sources of my income. Decentralized dependencies make my independence. They allow me to be in motion and to stay mobile: in my thinking, in my heart, in the world and in my work. My constant motion allows me to get in touch with many things and people, being mobile makes me see things from many perspectives. I come across many different approaches to work on the world that we want to see. All are picking up things at different points, but all are working relentlessly, all put their force and confidence in concrete utopian projects that together form a picture worth holding on to. How do these decentralized realities feel like from within? What is the core of the power that someone develops for such resistant utopias? Where in our lives do we find the source and the way of that will for a concrete different concept?

Stories often know better than science or politics how to tell us about these things. In the 21st century we don‘t come across political events in a history book – but at the kitchen table, on our way to the supermarket and under the shower. In a world of Internet and telephone ‚far‘ and ‚close‘, ‚at the same time‘ and ‚later‘ are not fixed categories any more. What makes my world tremble might be only marginalia to you on your way to work.

I want to connect the parallels of these realities, pick up threads of the decentralized lived experience and link them until they weave a story. A story that connects the political with the personal and ‚completely normal‘ decentralized biographies with each other. Reflecting multifaceted normalities, whose representation I elsewhere hope to find with little result only. Feminist daily life and prospects beyond or without children, career and a partner. The daily balancing act between criticizing the system and making compromises. The thin line between sense of responsibility and guilt complex, pondering on where exactly ideals end and self exploitation starts.


For this I need support, so that I also can continue to support where I am needed: In my daily life this includes mainly emotional support, counseling, conflict supervision, constant care work and all the tiny steps of educational work. During a normal week I spend several hours listening, consulting, structuring thoughts, discussing practical perspectives or mediating between people. The topics range from crises in relationships, work and meaning of life to dealing with concrete experiences of violence and discrimination and include conflicts of any kind in the (living) environment, work, family and relationships. Sometimes it is also simpler things like shopping and cooking for sick friends, babysitting or similar practical help. Regarding public educational work on a voluntary basis I can say that throughout the past years I frequently organized public events (sometimes held talks on my own or facilitated workshops) or I was present in such as moderator, translator or logistic help. I have raised my voice about socio-political topics at festivals, conferences and in (autonomous) radios. I have also been writing about these topics for quite a while, be it through articles for students’ newspapers, reader’s letters, my feminist blog or through self-published text collections (“zines”), for which I not only compile texts, but also work as author, editor and translator and take care of layout, printing and distribution.

Advocating a fairer, more sensitive and feminist empowered society matters most to me, be it in private or in public, and my contributions can and shall not depend on service in return. Solidarity and dedication for a fairer society can only be free for all and can only flourish with the contribution of all.

Maybe also with your contribution to my work.



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