Dada engineer, Kleinkünstler, crafter and translator

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I am a dada engineer.

A dada engineer is not a scientist, and not an engineer per se. It is a trade that has evolved from the dadaist movement, the century old avant garde style of non-conformist art and artists. A dot connector and portal finder. As a dada engineer, I'm work with different kinds of art. I'm educated in theatre and it's related arts, but I also do scenography, collages, conceptual art, installations, texts and puppetry.

I don't contribute to the textile industry At least not directly. I buy yarn and thread, which are the materials I use for making my own garments. I can upcycle and mend my clothes, making them more unique the more worn out they are. Several garments in my closet are a decade old. My clothes are works of art on their own, and i'm proud to have made them with my own hands. If you're curious, I have posted some photos on

I'm a trilingual wordsmith that translates stuff. Like software. Maybe I translate your software, and you're not aware of it yet.

I've studied linguistics and literature, and used to run a tiny translation business. I have always been fond of and interested in languages, so my contribution to FLOSS and the like is to translate things. Translations are important in so many ways. They make the software/service/text more accessible to people, and they can help improve usability. Some things can be lost in translations, yet others can be added. That's why using a human translator with a good feeling for words and languages is important. <- Ironically, that is a terrible sentence. My English isn't what it used to be.

Translations I'm working on on a regular basis:

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