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A set of people that is interested in making good powerful user friendly opensource tools to aid in

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We're a set of people that is interested in making good powerful user friendly opensource tools to aid in the development of community content for Halo CE.

We believe that having a good set of tools that can always be updated as long as there is people who can write code is absolutely essential for the survival of such a fringe community.

We're maintaining. updating. and taking suggestions for the following projects:


An opensource version of the existing Halo editing tool called Guerilla. It allows you to edit Halo tags and some other miscellaneous formats, with many new features to speed up the process, corrections in documentation, and other powerful tools such as model and animation importers. It is an extension of the general purpose Binilla program. https://github.com/MosesofEgypt/mozzarilla


A visual editor for supyr_struct defined data types. If you can define it with Supyr you can edit it with this. https://github.com/MosesofEgypt/binilla


A blender extension which adds support for Halo model formats. https://github.com/gbMichelle/Blendkrieg


A powerful library for parsing binary data structures into python objects and back. https://github.com/MosesofEgypt/supyr_struct


A Halo extension for the supyr_struct library allows you to directly interact with most Halo Custom Edition data types as Python objects. https://github.com/MosesofEgypt/reclaimer


Made to promote iterative community development projects this tool allows you to take a compiled Halo map and extract the contents of it into tags you can use with Mozzarilla. This relieves the need for every creator to create their own generic assets, and allows them to focus on working what they want to work on. https://github.com/MosesofEgypt/refinery


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