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English Translation of Los Caminos de la Economía Solidaria, by Luis Razeto Migliaro

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Luis Razeto Migliaro is a leading theorist and practitioner of solidarity economy in Latin America whose work is not widely known in the English-speaking world. Solidarity economy, a term coined by Razeto in the 1980s., is a form of economy -- production, distribution, and consumption -- in which relations of solidarity and cooperation are the basis of organization of enterprises and economic activity, with a different economic rationality than that which predominates in capitalism.

His book "Los Caminos de la Economía Solidaria" (Ediciones Univérsitas Civilización 2017) explains the concept of solidarity economy as it applies to ten different areas of practice, or pathways: The pathway of the poor and the popular economy. The pathway of solidarity with the poor and services of social development. The pathway of labor. The pathway of social participation and self-management. The pathway of transformational action and social change. The pathway of alternative development. The pathway of ecology. The pathway of women and family. The pathway of indigenous peoples. The pathway of the spirit.

Razeto's work deserves to be better known. This book should be of use to community activists, labor organizers, social entrepreneurs, co-op developers, and others interested in developing social and economic justice.

Matt Noyes is translating Caminos de la Economía Solidaria over the course of 2019, publishing one chapter at month on the website of Grassroots Economic Organizing (https://geo.coop), available free of charge, under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Donations will go to support Matt's translation work.

Matt Noyes is a long time movement educator based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. He has been a researcher and practitioner in worker education, union democracy, and worker cooperatives for over 20 years and received a Masters in Economía Social y Organización Cooperativa from Mondragón University.

Chapters go up on the GEO website each month of 2019: One: http://www.geo.coop/story/solidarity-economy-roads-chapter-1

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