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I am slowly moving all my contactability to Open Source and Self Hosted services.

  • fb - Mastodon;
  • Flickr - Pixelfed;
  • Writefreely for website and blog;
  • VULTR servers - Amazon AWS servers, CDN, Image repositories, Hosting etc;
  • Gmail - Tutanota

Most if not all these service require significant setting up from scratch on my own VPS servers - the software is predominantly free, even the AWS servers are more or less free for the first 12 months. Domain name registration and some aspects of AWS have a cost that slides on a scale depending upon usage - minimal...

Just £1.00 covers the cost of Email service for one month or provision of hosting service with Amazon AWS Making that a recurring donation helps with the yearly costs across the board.

Any donations are warmly welcomed - I see it as a way of staying in touch in this crowded world where it seems the influence of advertising and tracking pervade all aspects of our lives. This is my way of staying in the light, but having a presence that is not track-able, a presence that is entirely my own - private except where I choose to make it otherwise. I very rarely ask for anything, particularly money. I would however like to say that all of the above takes time to administer, to set-up and does have some personal cost associated with it. Donating through the Liberapay link can be any amount you wish - it will all be appreciated. You could donate for the servers etc or you could donate to keep me in a supply of Photographic Film or Developing materials; Donate over the year and take a canoe trip with me in return even...

💰 Donations

Here is what I have to pay:

  • Domain name: £10/year
  • Mastodon Server: £5/month
  • 5 pack Colour Film: £25 - 35
  • 5 pack B&W Film: £20 - 40
  • Develop One Colour Film: £8
  • Chemicals to self develop B&W Film: £30
  • Packet Veg seed: upto £3
  • Fruit Tree: £20 - £40

In return I will give you exclusive access to:

Limited Edition Darkroom prints - Handprinted Silver Gelatin 7" x 5" or 12" x 9.5" prints (unmounted).

Access to early editions of bi-yearly Zines comprising digital reproductions of Film based images throughout each half-year.

Access to VIP Canoe Adventures here in Scotland.

In addition

Each year there shall be two 'draws' - Every six months I will enter all those who donate in to a draw for a Photographic Print.

One person each year will be chosen to participate in a Canoe Trip here in Scotland.

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