millefeuilles.cloud, une micro-communauté Bookwyrm indépendante

Le Mille feuilles is an ad-free and anti-corporate social network for talking about books.

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Mille feuilles is a small, ad-free, and anti-corporate social network about books which runs on open-source Bookwyrm software. From Mille feuilles, you can seamlessly follow and interact with users on other BookWyrm instances and on services like Mastodon, or just interact with other users on Mille feuilles. Mille feuilles is growing very slowly, in order to ensure that the website scales in a sustainable way.

Mille feuilles is run by Gersande La Flèche. Between domain name and hosting costs, Mille feuilles costs roughly 35 CAD a month to run. Any donations (through Liberapay) that can help chip away at server costs and upkeep time are very appreciated.

For my English-speaking visitors, a mille-feuille is a popular type of pastry, and the name literally translates as "thousand leaves."

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