I am an independent poverty riddled queer musician who creates genre bending pieces & soundtracks

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I'm Sail, a queer musician, composer, and independent artist.

For years I've been creating a smorgasbord of goth, glam, shoegaze, symphonic pop, garage rock that's bubbled under in spite of a lot of positive attention from fans of legitimate independent music.

Become a supporter of mine so I can write, record, and publish new singles, EPs, albums, without it killing me anywhere near as much!

Since 2017 I have released:

  1. Costs Of Surviving Today [January 2017][EP]
  2. Pulse; Beat; Last Time [January 2017][Single]
  3. A House (By The Cemetery) [February 2017][Single]
  4. Don't Look Back Into The Sun [May 2017][Single]
  5. Memories From A Dead Star [July 2017][Single][Creative Commons]
  6. Seek A New Sin [September 2017][Album]
  7. The Viable Alternative [October 2017][Single][Creative Commons]
  8. The Frivolous Mean [December 2017][EP]
  9. Nails [February 2018][EP][Creative Commons]
  10. Lozenges For The Soul: Instrumentals [June 2018][Compilation]
  11. Tend To It [July 2018][Single][Creative Commons]

These releases have been possible in large part due to the ongoing support from my fans and patrons. You can find the majority of my past/present/future music on:

Why crowdfund?

As an independent musician with no consistent income I am very productive. I would be even more productive if I had a few more dollars to take the strain off. Depending on the amount raised monthly it could help pay for new instruments, components to build a dedicated recording tower, collaborators, and so much more.

Outside of music work I am similarly incredibly poor. This regularly throws life into disarray. My recording equipment & acoustic situation are less than ideal, and I can barely afford to eat or pay rent while dealing with life long medical issues. With audio commission work drying up in the economic climate I am at a bit of a loose end.

If you would like to support me by throwing me some spare change, but can't get to where I'm busking, don't have a Liberapay account, or simply can't afford to support weekly, then feel free to chuck me a few cents on KO-FI. Every little helps as that hyper-rich UK supermarket told us in our youths.

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