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Bichux Stars 0 Updated 1 month ago

Shapeshifting endless runner small game

3Engine Stars 5 Updated 2 years ago

Game Engine running using C++, OpenGL and JSON.

TheGreatNetventure Stars 0 Updated 8 years ago

Rail Shooter made with the phaser 2D game engine in javascript

magicmouse-hid (fork) Stars 141 Updated 3 weeks ago

Magic Mouse 2 driver for Linux.

slick (fork) Stars 1 Updated 5 years ago

the last carousel you'll ever need

UnityStandaloneFileBrowser (fork) Stars 1 Updated 6 years ago

A native file browser for unity standalone platforms

YarnSpinner (fork) Stars 1 Updated 6 years ago

Yarn Spinner is a C# library for interactive dialogue in games!


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