Hosting, server management and moderation for free softwares and social justice

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Hi ! I am Ren, contributor to free software for 6 years, now baking bread during the day and tweaking servers at night.

Over the years, I've been contributing to :

  • Funkwhale software : adding Apache support and some frontend related work (https://dev.funkwhale.audio), testing on low grade hardware (raspberry);
  • https://funkwhale.audio : a "join funkwhale" site to introduce the project;
  • https://open.audio : moderating this funkwhale instance dedicated to open-licensed music for over a year now;
  • https://fame.nry.pw : a website for the social-fighting brass band of Lyon;
  • various contributions to Fomantic UI Docs and Passman for Nextcloud.

I'm also providing hosting services, among which :

Costs are hardware and time spent (several hours per week for maintenance, moderation and troubleshooting).

Hardware charges of 18 €/month, from :

  • main server : 11 €/month;
  • backup server : 5 €/month;
  • domain name : 2 €/month.

For the time spent, let's say a pizza a week could be nice, about 40 €/month.

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