Scott Nesbitt

I write about Linux and free and open source software

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I'm a long-time user of Linux and free and open source software (FOSS). I've been writing about it for various print and online publications since around the turn of the century. My current focus is regularly blogging about FOSS at Open Source Musings.

Unlike many writers in this space, I look at Linux and FOSS from the perspective of someone like me: an ordinary mortal, with few or no technical skills. My aim is, and always has been, to show that anyone can use Linux and FOSS for their daily computing needs. To do that, I regularly share tutorials, reviews, short tips, and opinion pieces.

Your support goes towards keeping the (virtual) lights on: mainly paying for hosting, domain renewals, and the like. I'm not expecting to pay my bills from what you pledge. Instead, your support frees up a bit more of my time, time that I can devote to further exploring FOSS and sharing those explorations with a wider audience.



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