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Now Forming: A Novel Cooperative Community for Research, Design, Manufacturing

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Systemic problems demand systemic solutions, a new concept, a paradigm shift that makes the old one obsolete simply can’t fit the cultural shorthand of an elevator pitch, 280 character tweet or animated meme but requires cooperative fact-facing, disciplined study; demands responsible planning, risk management and sober, unflagging commitment in bringing the vision to fruition.

Our name is Síofra (sounds like shee-off-rah) Tech, the ArtScience Worker Cooperative for Music Instruments and the Ráithold Cooperative Union‘s CoHousing Community, first business and foundational cornerstone.

While open to all who share a commitment to economic democracy for social democracy, this community is deliberately inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically, its most disenfranchised Trans and Gender Non-Conforming members, those of the African Continent, the African Diaspora, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Polynesia, Middle East, Asian Continent and Southeast Asian Islands.

Stronger together, we are co-creative, cyberphysical agents of change, and we aim to misbehave.

Donate to our Incept Fund and for more details hit this link @SIOFRA.TECH.

Our Two-Pronged Strategy:

A. Incorporation of the for-profit worker cooperative and non-profit Live-Work campus.

B. Complete productionalization and alternative marketing system for our first product family.


SiofraTech joined 10 months ago.

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