The Solid team makes and maintains the Standard, the official compilers and documentation.

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Solid is a programming language focused on speed, simplicity and flexibility. This small team is responsible for maintaining the Standard, the Slang and SolidCS compilers and the documentation.


Solid as a whole is very early in development. There are a lot of things to do, and in fact not even half of what's planned is done yet. We plan to continually:

  • Modify the Standard according to user input, and try to make Solid the best programming language around;
  • Maintain the compilers' codebase, fixing bugs and conforming to the Standard as perfectly as possible;
  • Write documentation and books so that people who are new to Solid have a reliable and complete source for learning and referencing;
  • Build a friendly community where anyone can ask questions and report issues.

To, in the end, ease the development of fast and robust applications.

Why Solid is on Liberapay

All of Solid project is completely free and open source, and this means that no one ever gets any payment for working on it. We do, however, hope to get financial support from the people who care about our project.

Thanks for your support!


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