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esp8266_deauther 5596 Updated this week

Scan for WiFi devices, block selected connections, create dozens of networks and confuse WiFi scanners!

WiFiDuck 100 Updated this week

Keystroke injection attack plattform

WiFiSatellite 32 Updated 1 month ago

WiFi Satellite Project - as seen on the Chaos Communication Congress

SimpleCLI 62 Updated 1 month ago

Command Line Interface Library for Arduino

DstikeUpdater 8 Updated 4 months ago

ESP32 OLED SD Updater Library for DSTIKE Boards

PacketMonitor32 162 Updated 6 months ago

ESP32 Packet Monitor + SD card!

SimpleButton 37 Updated 7 months ago

A simple Arduino library to make interfacing and reacting on buttons or other inputs easier.

ArduinoPcap 215 Updated 8 months ago

A library for creating and sending .pcap files for Wireshark and other programms.

esp8266_beaconSpam 402 Updated 10 months ago

Creates up to a thousand WiFi access points with custom SSIDs.

DeauthDetector 278 Updated 10 months ago

Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

ArduinoARPspoof 180 Updated 2 years ago

Kicks out everyone in your LAN via with an enc28j60 ethernet controller and Arduino.


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