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PacketMonitor32 222 Updated 2 weeks ago

ESP32 Packet Monitor + SD card!

esp8266_beaconSpam 542 Updated 2 months ago

Creates up to a thousand WiFi access points with custom SSIDs.

SimpleCLI 129 Updated 2 months ago

Command Line Interface Library for Arduino

ArduinoPcap 265 Updated 6 months ago

A library for creating and sending .pcap files for Wireshark and other programms.

WiFiSatellite 44 Updated 1 year ago

WiFi Satellite Project - as seen on the Chaos Communication Congress

DstikeUpdater 15 Updated 1 year ago

ESP32 OLED SD Updater Library for DSTIKE Boards

SimpleButton 51 Updated 2 years ago

A simple Arduino library to make interfacing and reacting on buttons or other inputs easier.

DeauthDetector 368 Updated 2 years ago

Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

ArduinoARPspoof 208 Updated 3 years ago

Kicks out everyone in your LAN via with an enc28j60 ethernet controller and Arduino.


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