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Hi! I'm Bobby Moss, and I am probably best known for my previous work writing Linux-related tutorial content in printed magazines. I also ran a blog called "Bob's Tech Site" for the better part of 12 years and (briefly) made a related podcast.

From the summer of 2019 I started posting new content on an ad-free and entirely handwritten "brutalist" website at (you can use http:// on older computers without being redirected). I have started finding ways of contributing to useful free software projects too!

For my day job I work from home writing technical documentation for Oracle Linux and related cloud/virtualization products. However, this profile has been set up for those who would like to thank me for useful information that has helped them and contribute to the cost of hosting this new website.

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mastodome-legacy 0 Updated 1 month ago

Desktop client for Mastodon built on Python & Qt I started coding in 2018.

bobbrowse 0 Updated 8 months ago

A simple tabbed web browser I wrote in 2013 using Qt Creator, then updated to Qt5 a couple of years later.

openrams 0 Updated 8 months ago

Inventory management and maintenance ticketing system created in 2013 as a "final year project". Built on ASP.NET C# 2010.

scorchos 0 Updated 8 months ago

A fork of "Bran's Kernel Development". Code last updated on SourceForge in 2012, relicensed in 2018.


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