Ryan Ridenour

I create podcasts about self hosting, controlling personal data and truck driving.

UnkleBonehead's goal is to receive $5.00 per week.


I'm a truck driving, guitar playing, podcasting dad that loves keeping it FOSS. I use Linux to produce my music and podcasts. I'm currently producing 2 podcasts with a 3rd one coming soon. Host of The Self Hosted Podcast, The Self Hosted Vidcast, co host of Break19 Podcast. Former shows were NTROradio, TruckinNutz, Local Loud & Proud and The Unkle Bonehead Show. I'm asking for your support for only a minimum of $60 to cover a years worth of hosting at Hetzner. Anything over the $60 will be donated to a FOSS project that will be voted on by you the listeners and supporters.

Projects like: Mastodon Nextcloud Yunohost... the list goes on and on.

So would you please consider helping me out by a quick donation? Remember anything I get that is over the $60 for the year goes to some of the most awesome people who are working their butts off to help create a better world.

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