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I'm a professional artist since 2012. My intentions are crystal clear : high quality drawing, large format, handmade, over-detailed, 100% original art and, of course, no claptrap.

Freedom isn't free, anyway.

This business requires hours and hours of hard work (80h on average, for a single production) as well as human and material resources.

I'm a guy at the bottom of the ladder, I'm not an artist funded by government, trusts or backrooms of established art. If you like my philosophy (well-done things without blah, blah, blah) or just freewheeling, powerful, high detailed drawings, your support is essential !

Don't tell yourself that a small donation is useless, 1€ is a small coffee, and many coffees make a big pub, that's how we'll become the kings of the club ! By becoming a patron, you'll see more photos of the drawing process, but you will also help to buy equipment and make possible this true independent graphic production.

Now, it's your move !

Official website : http://warrenmontrose.com

Facebook : http://facebook.com/warrenmontrose

Instagram : http://instagram.com/warrenmontrose

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