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Hi! My name is Drew Kirkman, and I'm an engineer at a radio station.

When I was a child, I would always record myself on a tape talking about things and making up my own songs or stand in front of a mirror and pretend I was on TV... so you could say I've always had some sort of interest in broadcasting. However, I gravitated more toward IT and thought there would never be a place for me in this field, but as it turns out, over the past ten or 15 years, radio has become highly computerized!

After spending time as a web developer, network engineer, IT director at a CPA firm, and nine years working in public education, I finally backed up and found my dream job in broadcasting.

Now, I also create content to show people what happens behind the scenes in broadcasting and let other IT professionals know that a career in broadcasting is a viable path. Everyone loves a story of how people find their calling in unconventional ways, and I think I have one of those stories.

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