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Hi, my name is Gergely Nagy, but online, I'm known as "algernon" (preferably in all lower-case).

I've been developing and contributing to free software for almost two decades now. I'm a Debian developer, maintained a number of packages, wrote some others, volunteered as application manager and FTP-master assistant in the past, but my Debian duties have been on a best-effort basis most recently.

Not so long ago, I started working with mechanical keyboards, and ErgoDox EZ at first, Keyboardio Model 01 later, contributing to the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard and to Dygma's keyboards in the process. Of these, I work primarily on Kaleidoscope, the firmware which powers - along with its plugins - the Model01 and Dygma's keyboards in the future. A lot of its plugins are my work, and I have my fingerprints all over it too.

I started the Chrysalis project, a cross-platform GUI to configure, manage, and otherwise work with Kaleidoscope-powered keyboards.

As of this writing, I am working part-time for Keyboardio, so my keyboard work is funded. The Keyboard for the Twins project I used to run is also secure, having received a keyboard kit's worth of donations already, and I'll match the rest.

Nevertheless, if you want to chip in, and support my hobbies, either my keyboard firmware work, or my newest desire to build a trackball, or for any other reason, I'm very thankful for every little thing.

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keyboardio-worklog    0   Updated 3 months ago

My work log for @keyboardio

Ommatidia    0   Updated 3 months ago

A trackball in design

Model01-sketch    4   Updated 3 months ago

algernon's firmware Sketch for the Model 01

ergodox-layout    76   Updated 4 months ago

algernon's ErgoDox EZ layout

dh-exec    7   Updated 6 months ago

Debhelper executable file substition helpers

riemann-c-client    24   Updated 6 months ago

A C client library for the Riemann monitoring system.



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