avoidthehack! promotes online data privacy and security awareness.

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avoidthehack! promotes end-user online data privacy (internet privacy) and security awareness. Visit at https://avoidthehack.com

avoidthehack! is an ad-free, privacy promoting resource.

When it comes to online personal information, we believe that everyone has the right to:

Know what data is being collected and/or shared about them or their devices


Protect their information from being accessed and used by anyone else without their knowledge/consent (to include private and public persons/enterprises alike).

avoidthehack! aims to enable the everyday user to make informed decisions about their own data and as a result, have a direct impact on their online privacy via: * Publishing helpful, easy-to-follow guides

  • Publishing reviews that are not influenced by pay/other incentives

  • Highlighting key practices that help preserve one's privacy

  • Publishing informative, accurate, and relevant articles that pertain to online privacy

  • Perform outreach to spread the word about the importance of online privacy!

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