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I am a white disabled transsexual criminal on Stolen Lenapehoking; I have a car that has been used for jail/court support, eviction defense, emergency transportation, prison volunteer services, noise demos, helping people move, etc!

With the high price of gas right now, I figured I'd make a little donation fund in case people who have used my car in the past or who want to support the people who use my car have the funds to donate :)

For reference: gas in NE Philly is almost $5/gal. right now. My car's tank holds ~12 gallons. That means every time I fill my tank (which rarely happens anymore), its ~$60. My car insurance is ~$130 a month. My car currently needs 2k worth of repairs or it won't pass inspection next year. I don't have a stable job or income right now, so your contribution makes sure I'm able to keep supporting my community & that a crew of trans people have a car for emergencies!!

FYI: for some reason, this platform doesn't give an option for solely one-time payments, so here are other donation options, should you need an alternative route:




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