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I'm sharing fun techie side-projects, my experience as a developer and Linux-related content through an awesome JavaScript-free personal blog and a DRM-free podcast. Video content is coming soon!

I also develop a desktop client for Mastodon called "Mastodome", and previously produced a hobby operating kernel fork that students still download today called "ScorchOS". Both are free software.

Thank you for your tips and donations. Initially they'll buy me a fancy coffee or craft beer every so often, but if the amount per week reaches a higher level it'll go towards the cost of premium neocities hosting, web domains & the computing hardware I use to make things in the first place.

Kind Regards,

Bobby Moss

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Mastodome 3 Updated 2 months ago

Desktop client for Mastodon built on Python & Qt

ScorchOS 0 Updated 4 months ago

A fork of "Bran's Kernel Development". Code last updated in 2012, relicensed in 2018. Originally hosted on Sourceforge:



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