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I'm a queer, transgender, and neurodivergent poet whose work has appeared in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Gargoyle, The Opiate, and Rabbit Ears: TV Poems (NYQ Books 2015), among other places. The pen name I have published under is Catherine B. Krause. Because none of these publishers demand permanent exclusive rights to the poems, I eventually release every one of my published works into the public domain using the CC Zero dedication, usually immediately unless the publisher retains rights. Occasionally I also write prose, which is covered by the same public domain dedication. You can find my work at catherinebkrause.com.

In addition to this, I have another aspect that designs T-shirts, stickers, etc. in multiple languages and from a left-wing perspective. Many of these have already been released into the public domain and are available on Wikimedia Commons; they haven't all been because cleaning up the SVGs takes work. I would greatly appreciate it if more of my money could come from LiberaPay rather than Teepublic, Redbubble, etc.; that way I could devote more time to releasing these designs into the public domain. Here is some of what I currently have in the public domain:
* Abolish America
* Jewish Anarchist Symbol
* Jewish Anarchist Symbol, cursive
* Jewish Antifascist Action
* Mir veln zey iberlebn
* Proletariado 2020
* Proletariat 2020
* Two Big Ol Puppers
* Wherever We Live (Hebrew)
* Yesh banot im pin
* Yidn, redt yidish

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