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CYGO™ Network is an unregistered non-profit organization which aims to provide free, privacy-oriented online services which are based on open source software, as well as to help fight against online censorship by offering powerful alternative platforms.

We’re a group of people united toward a common goal: giving users a space on the internet in which their freedom of expression and individual liberties are protected.

We strongly believe in freedom of expression, freedom of thought, individual liberties, freedom of information, rewarding curiosity and hard work.

We’re using our skills and resources to give censored and silenced individuals (as well as lovers of freedom) in the United States and around the world a platform to express themselves as they please, and to share information at their own discretion, without interference from any government agencies or corporations.

To achieve this goal without being influenced by money, we are funded entirely by donations and user contributions. We use this money solely to finance the operations of our services and improve our community's experience.

Note: These donations are received by the founder of CYGO Network, Logan L. Johnson, and then used to pay expenses (such as domains, internet, among other bills), not distributed to CYGO Network contributors or used in a personal capacity.

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