I'm doing electronics, vintage radio repairs and restauration, and hardware hacking.

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Hi, I'm Dashie.

I'm hobyist in Electronics and Software development and Amateur Radio. I love to play with old hardware (mc68k, tube receiver) but newer one also, sometimes, I also plays with Go or Python, or listen to the waves. I also love to craft things using wood or metal.

Unfortunately this cost money, which, I don't have a lot, and this is my main source of occupation to keep me "doing something".

I try to document the hardware I work with or things on my website wiki here and I generally post photos of the hardware or teardowns I do.

I will use money to buy components, replacements, test gear or tools I need to work with.

Unfortunately there is no rewards, I have some health issues that would make that pretty hard to do, and to follow. Anyway, any help will help me, and yes, theses hobbies are, also, a big part of what's help me to be better.

I also have a paypal.me if you want to make a one-time donation, just ask me.

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