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Welcome to our Liberapay page! We are The Diligent Circle, a plural system with two known members: Layla (she/her; signs with 🕷️) and Emmy (they/them; signs with 🕵️). We develop 2-D libre open source game, with a tinge of card/board games.

This page is basically just us holding out a tin can. If you like some of the work we do, sending some money via this page can help enable us to do more of it before capitalism compels menial work at a fast food or retail establishment (and therefore should increase the amount of time we can spend on these projects).

Some of our notable projects include:

  • ​Hexoshi, a libre open source game inspired by games like Metroid, Megaman, and Cave Story.
  • Naikari, a fork of Naev with slightly different design goals.
  • Keeper of the Cards, a trading card game inspired by Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh (among others) with the key distinction being that it allows players to make their own cards, though it also has an original dice mechanic for battles.
  • Maintaining Project: Starfighter as necessary.
  • Maintaining ​ReTux as necessary.

Website: https://onpon4.github.io

Itch.io page: https://diligentcircle.itch.io

GameJolt page: https://gamejolt.com/@diligentcircle

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/diligentcircle

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Macrociv, a ruleset for Freeciv


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