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Welcome to my Liberapay page! I am Layla, known most places on the Internet as The Diligent Circle and formerly known as onpon4. The gist of it: I'm a neurodivergent trans girl who likes to make games and other kinds of art, and this page is about supporting me in those ventures.

I started out all the way back in middle school with video games. Over the years I've made some honestly kind of crappy games, and I've done some work that I'm proud of. Nowadays, in addition to video games, I develop and explore card games and board games as well (when I have a good idea for them).

I'm also an avid jewelry maker, though I don't fund my jewelry making through this page for obvious reasons. I sell jewelry on my Etsy shop, which you can find here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DiligentCircle

In any case, I take great pride in my work. In the case of copyrightable works, especially video games and other software, I always release what I create under a libre open source license. That is a promise to you: if I end up not finishing a game, you always have the right to pick it up and finish it yourself if you are so inclined. In that sense, none of my work ever truly goes to waste.

Currently, my most notable artistic ventures include:

  • ​Hexoshi, a libre open source Metroid-like game.
  • Keeper of the Cards, a trading card game inspired by Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh (among others) with the key distinction being that it allows players to make their own cards, though it also has an original dice mechanic for battles. I still both maintain this game (evaluating and improving if necessary) and am of course one of its players.
  • Contributions to Naev, including developing campaigns and new mission types. I have been one of the most prolific contributors to Naev for quite some time and intend to continue that trend. Some of my notable contributions in the past include creating several new and/or improved standard missions (e.g. the bounty mission, the piracy mission, and the patrol mission, just to name a few), creating almost the entire FLF campaign, fixing language that assumed the player's gender, improving the game's controls, improving the Lua API, streamlining the game in various ways, and fixing numerous bugs. You can see a (mostly) full list of my past contributions to Naev by searching for my merged pull requests on GitHub. I have a lot of ideas for Naev which are constantly evolving along with the game.
  • Scenarios for MegaGlest, usually tactical scenarios (effectively extending this great RTS to make it an RTT as well). Some scenarios I've made in the past include Warlock Overlords and Native Unrest.
  • Maintaining Project: Starfighter as necessary.
  • Maintaining ​ReTux as necessary.
  • Exploring new possibilities for games and art of all kinds.

By supporting my Liberapay page, you give me more time to work on projects such as these rather than look for other ways to make money. Every bit is greatly appreciated.

I also have a Patreon page, which can be found here:


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Macrociv, a ruleset for Freeciv

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Naev is a 2d action/rpg space game that combines elements from the action, rpg and simulation genres.


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