Software engineer, LGBTQ+ and privacy protector

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I host various services to make Privacy and the safety of LGBTQ+ people are accessible basic human right.

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eval-md Stars 6 Updated 1 week ago

This is a tool to evaluate or export code from Markdown files.

go-misskey Stars 48 Updated 3 weeks ago

Misskey Go SDK

totp-cli Stars 232 Updated 1 month ago

Authy/Google Authenticator like TOTP CLI tool written in Go.

phanpy-docker Stars 3 Updated 2 months ago

Unofficial Docker Image for Phanpy (Mastodon Web Client)

todoist-rs Stars 0 Updated 6 months ago

(mirror) https://gitea.code-infection.com/efertone/todoist-rs

minimal-webplayer Stars 0 Updated 2 years ago

A minimal web player written in Elm, just for fun. The goals was a minimal web-app that can be hosted on my Minio (s3) next to the video content. [mirror]

go-parsetag Stars 0 Updated 3 years ago

Parse Go Tags


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