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Exavier is making people laugh by ridiculing the absurd burlesque of a society we live in.

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I make people laugh, mainly on Genesius Times, and Heaven knows, we need that more than anything right now in this world. How do I know I make people laugh? Because I crack myself up writing the stuff and making the funny. I can tell you have an excellent sense of humor too or else you wouldn't be here and I appreciate that about you. Did I tell you you're extremely attractive as well? You are.

We are living in times so strange that satire has more truth in it than so-called news. It's important to tell the truth, even if it has to be done through jokes. True, sometimes the absurdity going on kinda writes its own satire. But someone still needs to put it on a website!

That being the case, I would be humbled and honored if you would support me and my goal of bringing the laughs to you daily. Times are tough so I would be over the moon about anyone contributing anything to the cause! Thank you from the bottom of my stomach.

In Perpetual Hilarity, Exavier


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