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VanillaOS, an immutable, Debian based, Linux distribution

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Vanilla OS is an immutable and atomic Linux distribution, that receives updates at the right time, neither before nor after, without sacrificing security and functionality.

Vanilla OS is designed to be a reliable and productive operating system for your daily work. The GNOME Desktop is the perfect environment for your daily tasks, with a clean and intuitive interface, everything is at your fingertips.

Play your favourite video games without worrying about setting up your devices. Vanilla OS offers the latest stable Linux kernel, ensuring support for the latest devices and the latest performance improvements.

Vanilla OS is an operating system that respects your choices, you are in control, always.

At the first start you can choose which package format to use in Vanilla OS (Flatpak, Snap, Appimage ..), you choose and Vanilla OS will take care of the rest, putting you in the situation to start without problems.

Vanilla OS is an immutable operating system, core parts of the system are locked down to prevent unwanted changes and corruption from third-party applications or a faulty update. Some paths are still writable, such as the home and configurations directories, this allows the user to keep their files and ensure the normal functioning of applications.

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ABRoot 219 Updated this week

ABRoot is utility which provides full immutability and atomicity to a Linux system, by transacting between two root filesystems. Updates are performed using OCI images, to ensure that the system is always in a consistent state.

apx 427 Updated this week

apx is the Vanilla OS package manager. It’s meant to be simple to use, but also powerful with support to installing packages from multiple sources without altering the root filesystem.

orchid 12 Updated 2 months ago

VanillaOS common libraries

live-iso (fork) 888 Updated 2 weeks ago

Vanilla OS Live ISO Builder.

vanilla-os-build (fork) 3 Updated 1 year ago

Old scripts to build Vanilla OS images.

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