Gabriele Musco

I develop Linux apps and make videos and live streams on YouTube

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My name is Gabriele Musco, I am a Computer Scientist, currently studying to get my master's degree.

I am a developer, and I mainly focus on creating Linux apps to scratch my itches. My most popular apps are:

  • Feeds: a simple and straight forward news reader, built with mobile Linux in mind
  • HydraPaper: a wallpaper manager with multi monitor support
  • What IP: a simple network information utility for discovering your various IPs and devices on your LAN
  • Notorious: a note taking app with a particular focus on keyboard shortcuts
  • Giara: a GTK app for Reddit, mostly designed to be used on Linux phones, but that also works great on your Linux desktop

I also make videos and live streams on YouTube on the channel Tech Pills.

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