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Hello! My name is Diana.

I'm a neuroatypical trans woman living in Portland, Oregon with my partner and family. I write software in Python and JavaScript, and contribute as I'm able to open source projects like Mastodon and i3. In my spare time, I run the Mastodon Community Survival Fund, and develop alternative networking and financial infrastructure using technologies like Dat, the Inter-Planetary File System, and the Stellar Consensus Protocol. I believe we must devolve control of our networks to the communities that they serve. I believe everyone deserves not only to survive but to live without fear. I believe we can get there in this life, together.

Money is real tight where I am. We don't always have money for food, and the medical debt just keeps piling up. It's the same for everyone I know. We're fighting for survival against people and institutions that want us dead. If helping a trans chick survive to work on secure, community-driven technical infrastructure sounds worthwhile to you, consider becoming a patron. Thank you for helping to make a difference!

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