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I host a couple of free and open services, such as:

  •, a Mastodon instance,
  •, a Pleroma instance,
  •, a map of the OStatus/ActivityPub fediverse with a monitoring services and stats (which I also develop),
  •, a Matrix Homeserver,
  •, a rusty IRC network,
  •, an even more rusty XMPP server,
  •, another Pleroma instance (with an awesome pink floyd background!!!),

I'm in the process of migrating the services offered by the Maly project to my servers, which includes:

Received funds will go toward reimbursing me of the domain and hosting expenses and/or of the beer expenses required by sysadmining and being the slave of so many different software.

Everything is hosted on a cluster of 4 servers at, one at Heztner Helsinki's datacenter, and various VMs at, Scaleway and Hetzner, with most of the static files and external backups being stored on Wasabi.

Disclaimer: I also host other stuff on theses servers, related to random labs and my professional activities, which currently funds more than 50% of the overall cost (the rest being paid my day job's salary). This use represents less than half of the processing power/RAM/storage used by the public services. Some resources are also lended to friends, ChatSpike irc network, build VMs for some OSS projects. By the way, if you need some resources for a "public" project, do not hesitate to talk with me! href (at) :)

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