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Hello! I'm currently developing my project "Naruto Saga" , a faithful recreation of the story, characters, and events of the original Naruto anime. In my 3 years of on/off development, I've iterated and refined many mechanics of Naruto Saga, allowing for near-seamless gameplay. With a focus on the player-to-player interactions, this game is best played online with a 'Full house', though AI for Single Player is supported. I am hopeful that players who come for a fresh meta environment will stay for the depth and pleasant aesthetic.

About Myself: My name is Paul Ahrenholtz, and I'm a 20 year old student, studying Computer Science. My efforts in this project have been about finding what in the creative space is Uniquely mine, and working with that. I'm new to this website, so I am unsure as to whether I receive any of your info when you donate. If you want to make sure you are properly credited in my game, please email <pahrenholtz@unomaha.edu> with name you'd like to be displayed on the credits, in acknowledgement of your contribution.

I am currently in the works of extending my game well beyond the bounds of Warcraft III and it's engine. Currently only playable on patch 1.26, and with only 12 players. My vision is for the game to be operated over my server, as opposed to the usual client-client connection. With your support, a full 18 player release on my own server is in reach! :)

contact: discord - kakerate #7087

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