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Open Source Software Developer

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Dear liberapay Community,

my name is Simon Frey an I am developing open source software: - Leaflet Map for the Hugo Page Builder - Mastodon Autopost Wordpress Plugin - Save to - Proxyfy

For beeing able to invest more time into these projects I need your help! If you like my work, please consider donatig.

Thanks for any help! Simon

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hugo-leaflet 3 Updated 1 week ago

OpenStreetMap Hugo Shortcodes

mastodon_wordpress_autopost 8 Updated 4 weeks ago

A Wordpress Plugin that automatically posts your new articles to Mastodon

proxyfy 8 Updated 2 months ago

Wrapper around gimmeproxy - API compatible to http.Client 12 Updated 3 months ago

Scrapes the given website for internal links and saves the found ones into



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