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Hello :)

I am Sundeep. I write tutorials on using Linux command-line, Vim, Text processing and Scripting languages like Perl and Python. I used to work for a semi-conductor company before deciding to discover what I'd really like to do. The journey has been full of surprises and currently am enjoying creating free learning resources, conducting workshops when opportunity arises.

Initially, I used to have ppts while conducting workshops. Later I moved to using LibreOffice and convert to pdf. But formatting and editing issues led me to discover about Markdown and use GitHub instead. That led to continuous strive on improving the tutorials (feedback helped too) and learning new stuff. Got a big break when chapter on GNU awk hit front page of Hacker News. It's been satisfying to see my tutorials recommended elsewhere on net.

I also happened to spot a corner case regex issue with GNU grep and notice missing Ruby documentation

Why I am requesting donation

  • am currently living in outskirts of a city in southern India, my living costs(food+rent+internet) translates to about USD $50 per week
  • my savings from prior job would run out soon and having a steady income would give peace of mind and let me concentrate on learning and improving my tutorials

Other interests

Apart from technology stuff, I spend most of my time reading loads of books, helping programmers on stackexchange, loitering on Reddit/HN, trekking and following my favorite sport Cricket

Recently, while attending a conference, I came to know that Homeschooling/Unschooling/etc is catching up in India too. I am hoping to help them as well.

Thanks for donating :)

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:computer: Introduction to Linux commands and Shell scripting

Perl_intro    9   Updated 1 week ago

:dromedary_camel: Introductory course for Perl 5 through examples, geared towards VLSI engineers

scripting_course    364   Updated 1 week ago

:notebook: A reference guide to Linux command line, Vim and Scripting

vim_reference    75   Updated 2 weeks ago

:q Vim reference guide for beginner to intermediate users

Command-line-text-processing    6721   Updated 2 weeks ago

:zap: From finding text to search and replace, from sorting to beautifying text and more :art:

Python_Basics    211   Updated 2 weeks ago

:snake: Syntax, working with Shell commands, Files, Text Processing, and more...

curated_resources    48   Updated 1 month ago

:books: Curated lists for programming, books, movies, music, games, etc

tpyo_revealo    5   Updated 3 months ago

:see_no_evil: assistant for hunting down tpyos

squaretictactoe    4   Updated 9 months ago

:video_game: Tic Tac Toe reimagined

command_help    19   Updated 9 months ago

:information_source: Extract help text from builtin commands and man pages



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