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Libera Chat is a Swedish non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteer staff who are the members of, and have equal voting power in, the organisation.

Libera Chat’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate community space, tools, and facilities intended to further the development and adoption of free & open source (FOSS) software and peer directed projects (PDP).

The organisation will primarily do this by maintaining for general use an IRC network, operated and supported by volunteers.

It may also engage in other activities which complement this purpose, such as community events, or provision of other services and tools or the undertaking of other activities which benefit FOSS or PDP.

It may also engage in activity which supports this purpose, such as the development and maintenance of software, training, or other activities which benefit FOSS or PDP, fundraising, or sale of goods and merchandise.

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libera-chat.github.io 355 Updated this week

The website of Libera Chat, providing documentation and news

ozone 12 Updated 1 year ago

atheme (fork) 4 Updated this week

Atheme IRC Services

solanum (fork) 3 Updated 1 month ago

An IRCd for unified networks


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