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Hello there, thanks for checking out my Liberapay page!

Ever since discovering the open source world, I've increasingly spent more time contributing features and fixes to software I like and use, as well as publishing some of my own work. Today, most of the code I write in my free time is public. It's more fun like that!

My primary focus is on SerenityOS. Since joining the project in early 2020 I've gone from learning C++ and exclusively working on its JavaScript engine, LibJS, to becoming a maintainer and broadening my horizon of topics a bit - although improving the browser remains one of my favourite things to do. 😃

As of June 2021 I present the community's work on the browser (i.e. LibWeb, LibJS, the Browser application itself) in Andreas' monthly update videos, which you can watch here. As of December 2021 I also make my own SerenityOS hacking videos on YouTube (subscribe here)!

Some other projects of mine include the web interface for OwnTracks and a couple of Python libraries like rpi-backlight and xbox360controller.

Thank you for supporting me and helping to sustain my work on open source software!

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