Matthew Graybosch

I'm a science fantasy author with a day job who would like to write full-time.

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Hi. I'm the author of Without Bloodshed and Silent Clarion. They're probably out of print, but you can download them from my website.

You can also read them for free at gemini://starbreaker.org. I also run gemini://tanelorn.city and provide free accounts.

I don't really need donations because I've got a fairly cushy day job, but I won't refuse them.

I would love to quit my day job and write full time. If you want to throw a couple of bucks my way as payment for something you downloaded from my website (or because you downloaded a bootleg copy of one of my novels from a third-party site), I'd appreciate it.

I accept all currencies, but since I'm based in the US I prefer US dollars. Thanks!

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