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Creating software to fight against hatred online

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Last year I had a mental health breakdown and although I've tried very hard to return to work since then I've not been able to for any significant length of time.

I got sick of being passive, of seeing all the horrible shit in the world and just letting it pass me by, I needed to put my name down and say that I will do something, so Rise Against Hatred was born.

Rise Against Hatred

Rise Against Hatred (RAH!) aims to do two things:

  1. To catalog and make searchable cases of hatred against minorities online,
  2. To prevent the normalisation of hatred through friendly but clear communication in the same spaces as hateful viewpoints.

To achieve this I've designed a system where volunteers can lend their voice, their privilege to those fighting to be accepted by society, and allowing those who would otherwise be targets of hatred to report it anonymously.

By supporting me you are supporting my effort to realise this project, any money you offer will be spent on the project either directly (servers, domain names, etc) or indirectly (food, new mouse, etc).

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Doccy is a simple brace based markup language.

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