Minty Crisp

I am a WebXR developer developing open source A-Frame Interactions, Tools, Experiences and Games.

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Hello everyone! I am a WebXR developer with a specialty in A-Frame and Blender. I spend most of my time designing new open source interactions, tools, experiences and games. I currently have a few projects in the works which include...

  • A-Frame UX Library : A WebXR world, system, object generator engine & universal controller Repo Link WebXR Link

  • Minty's XRcade : A WebXR arcade full of A-Frame built games using AUXL Repo Link WebXR Link

  • Codenamed Melon : A physics based WebXR(VR) fantasy traversal system inspired by mechas, speeders, skating, boarding, etc... {In-progress}

  • Crystal Summons : A WebXR rpg adventure turn based mon battler game with a few twists {In-Progress}

Your sponsorship will go a long way to give me more time to dedicate towards these projects that I share with you all. I sincerely hope that not only the game/experiences I build bring fun and entertainment to the world, but also that AUXL will help anyone interested create more unique WebXR content.

View my portfolio mintycrisp.com


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